Marketing ideas for schools, online graphic

Marketing A School: 7 Tips To Long Term Success

Marketing a school requires first and foremost that you understand your target market. But that’s not enough. The level of marketing noise in the world is overwhelming, and it takes a lot of smart choices for a school to market itself within that space. Successfully marketing a school is a never-ending process that requires significant…

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school marketing ideas: free seminars

Offer Regular Free Seminars On Campus

Offering time and information for free is very important for schools. Free on-campus seminars accomplish many things for higher education institutions. Doing so demonstrates that you are an authority on the topic and more importantly it gets prospective students into the school, which is your best change and convincing them to enroll in one of…

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targeted search engine marketing for trade schools

Understand the Value of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the foundation for targeting new and interested leads. If you are not currently running search engine marketing campaigns on Google: start now. Depending on your area of training, the estimated and average cost per click can be higher than what you get on social media marketing, but there’s one reason…

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Giving Your School Culture a Personality

In the introduction about marketing culture we covered the importance of campus appearance and how that can self-perpetuate a good looking environment. Your school needs to dress well just as much as you would hope your staff would. Here, we have to look into how a student’s personal culture can become a part of your…

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Education and Training Marketing Message and Branding

The principle ambition in profitable education marketing is rather singular: understand your students. If you get that key point, then what you’re supposed to do for your marketing plan, messaging, and branding is clear thereafter. But if you do NOT understand the culture and post-graduation desires of your prospective students, then you’ll have very low…

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