All plans include the poliSCHOOL Service

The poliSCHOOL services includes all functions of poliSCHOOL with no hard limit on staff users or student records. You never get charged more to add users, students, or functions. Your rate only changes if you add entire campuses to your account to help us cover the costs of the added user support and resource usage.

Installation includes SSL certificate (https connection), unique databases and encryption keys, bulk-email, and e-document storage. During the 30-day setup period we help with customized certificate design, transcripts, exports, online application, and all the web forms you need to start capturing leads. We perform daily database back-ups, and bi-weekly complete encrypted back-ups on a secure Amazon S3 account.

poliSCHOOL clients receive email, phone, and Zoom meeting screen sharing support. Phone support is form 9am – 5pm EST. The set up fee covers 30 days of added-level service to help get your system customized: poliARC helps create email templates, banners, logos, branding, templates, transcript and certificate layouts, program structure, and grade books, etc. If you opt for the Custom App & Exports add-on, then you have access to pS programmers to customize and update those aspects on as long as you’re a client.

All updates and new features are included in the monthly rate. If you would like a new feature, all you have to do is ask, and we’ll add it to the update queue. You don’t get charged more for it.

You can use poliSCHOOL to access email accounts from third-party providers using the web-based browser, but poliSCHOOL / poliARC does not provide email hosting services.

SMS Cost Note: if you activate text messaging, you are charged separately on your Twilio account: $1 per month + $0.0075 per text message segment, and 2 cents per media file (subject to Twilio’s terms and pricing changes). Activating text messaging is optional, and the poliSCHOOL service rate remains the same. Back to Plan Pricing.



  • Normally, poliSCHOOL is accessed on a subdomain of Example: The Autonomous option allows you to install as a subdomain of your school’s domain, or on a completely separate domain that you own. Example: You can also have multiple databases and schools on your private server (i.e. if you own multiple schools that are branded differently).
  • The base Autonomous number of campus licenses is 3 (standard is 2).
  • Local storage with pS Core for student portal files is restricted to 500MB. The Autonomous option removes this limit. Alternatively, pS Plus changes the configuration so your student portal files are stored on Amazon AWS rather than locally.
  • In Search, the export limit for record out is 2000 rows. This is to prevent a server from getting too bogged down when performing complex functions. This restriction is removed with the Autonomous option.
  • Bulk email is sent in batches of 350 for regular plans, and is sent twice per hour (approx. every 30 minutes) so that it spreads out the workload. Autonomous sends every 15 minutes (4 times per hour), and increases the batch limit to 550 recipients.

Google Ads PPC Campaign Management

Paul has managed PPC campaigns for small vocational schools, nation-wide school groups, and state universities. poliARC will analyze, create, and optimize your PPC campaigns with a focus on getting high-quality conversions for your school. Display advertising on the Google networks is included in this service (creating text and banner ads, managing the placements and campaigns). You pay the ad costs directly to Google Ads, and our PPC management service fee is included in the regular poliSCHOOL Service invoice.

We do not advertise on Meta-owned platforms like facebook or instagram.

You decide how much you want to spend on advertising each month, and poliARC takes care of the rest.

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Website Hosting & Webmaster Services

poliSCHOOL clients can select packages that include poliARC managing up to two websites, including hosting. This service includes updating the content of your website whenever you ask and generally keeping an eye on it to ensure the backend is updated and it runs as quickly as possible.

Note: this does NOT include email hosting or support: most often our schools will use either Google or MS365 for email.

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LearnDash LMS Hosting and Maintenance

poliARC hosts and maintains the LearnDash LMS, which is linked to your poliSCHOOL system for delivery of self-paced online courses. This includes the costs of the LearnDash license, Pro Reporting, the UnCanny Owl Pro plug to expand LearnDash’s functions, and added speed by using Amazon’s CloudFront CDN.

This does NOT include creating courses or course content in LearnDash. We are happy to train staff and help get the first course put together, but we do not create course content as part of the service – that’s up to your instructors. Once they create the content, we help get it into the LMS, post updates, design the pages and website, etc., but course content is owned by, and therefore should be created by, the school.

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