All plans include the poliSCHOOL Service

The poliSCHOOL services includes all functions of poliSCHOOL with unlimited users and student records. You never get charged more to add users, students, or functions.

poliSCHOOL systems are hosted with dedicated cPanel accounts on poliARC SSD servers contracted with Inmotion hosting. You have total access to your account, and can even put your website and email onto your poliSCHOOL hosting account if you want at no extra cost.

Installation includes SSL certificate (https connection), unique databases and encryption keys, e-document storage, customized certificate design, transcripts, report exports, online application, and all the web forms you need to start capturing leads. We perform daily database back-ups, and bi-weekly complete encrypted back-ups on a secure Amazon S3 account. You own the data and we trust our clients, so you can download these backups at any time (it’s recommended).

poliSCHOOL clients receive email, phone, and Zoom meeting screen sharing support. The set up fee covers one month of added-level service to help get your system customized: poliARC helps create email templates, banners, logos, branding, templates, transcript and certificate layouts, program structure, and grade books, etc.

All updates and new features are included in the monthly rate. If you would like a new feature, all you have to do is ask, and we’ll add it to the update queue. You don’t get charged more for it.

WE CURRENTLY DO NOT LIMIT STORAGE FOR YOUR DATABASE OR E-DOCS ON POLISCHOOL SERVERS, BUT THERE IS A LIMIT ON THE STORAGE FOR FILES IN THE STUDENT PORTAL AND FOR COURSE MATERIALS: 500MB. The pS plans include 500MB allocated just for that purpose, which is usually more than enough for schools. If, however, you want to host a lot of large files, particularly for streaming (video, audio, project files, etc.) then you’ll need to bump up your plan to include the extra 500GB of file storage via Amazon’s S3 service (Plan 5.500). We separate these resources to help preserve the poliSCHOOL Servers’ available resources for database operations (i.e. to keep the system speed faster).

You can use poliSCHOOL to access email accounts from third-party providers, but poliSCHOOL / poliARC does not provide email hosting services.

SMS Cost Note: if you activate text messaging, you are charged separately on your Twilio account: $1 per month + $0.0075 per text. Activating text messaging is optional, and the poliSCHOOL service rate remains the same. Back to Plan Pricing.

Google Ads, Bing, & Facebook / Instagram PPC Campaign Management

Paul has managed PPC campaigns for small vocational schools, nation-wide school groups, and state universities. poliARC will analyze, create, and optimize your PPC campaigns with a focus on getting high-quality conversions for your school. Display advertising on the Google networks is included in this service (creating text and banner ads, managing the placements and campaigns).

Note: Facebook / Instagram PPC management includes Facebook ads, not creating posts and interacting with followers on your Facebook page.

You decide how much you want to spend on advertising each month, and poliARC takes care of the rest.

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Website and Email Management

poliSCHOOL clients can select packages that include poliARC managing their website and email (MailChimp account that we link with you poliSCHOOL installation). This service includes updating the content of your website whenever you ask, as well as designing and sending emails on your MailChimp account for email marketing. All you have to do is email what changes you want and we take it from there: image design, HTML emails, updating and adding webpages, etc.

Since the poliSCHOOL service includes web hosting, you can also move your main website and email onto your poliSCHOOL hosting account to save a little extra money each month. Having poliARC manage your website also facilitates integrating poliSCHOOL into all the online campaigns you run: you submit a request and we take care of the rest.

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Operations and Accreditation Consulting

Before starting poliARC, Paul was an instructor, campus manager, and national marketing manager for an international media school. He oversaw 6 campuses in the United States and 4 in the United Kingdom; building two of them from scratch.

He has first-hand experience with state approval, re-approval, and federal accreditation processes. On operations, Paul specializes in finding ways to streamline work flow, focus staff, and help schools teach students so that they have graduates with high job-placement potential. During accreditation, he serves as a guide and second set of eyes to work with schools through the mountains of paperwork and helps prepare staff for site visits.

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