Why poliSCHOOL is the best choice for career school software:

All Functions In One Place For One Price

From initial inquiry to job placement verification: every step happens inside the poliSCHOOL system. You don’t need to pay extra for additional modules, features, or hardware. Just sign in and start working.

poliSCHOOL puts the tools to run a vocational school into one, integrated platform: bulk email and text messaging, attendance, grades, transcripts, e-document storage, online payments, and dozens more features. poliSCHOOL is designed, developed, and supported people who worked at vocational schools for over a decade – it’s laser targeted at what career schools need based on firsthand experience. Its design directive is simple: one system – user friendly, inexpensive, and based in the cloud – that can manage all the daily aspects of running a school.

Unique Installation, Customized For You

Every client has a separate, secure database, and you can opt for a totally separate system on your own VPS for even more speed and security. This gives the best security, and moreover, it allows us to customize every system beyond the restrictions of the other systems that crowd everything into the same database and file system. For clients who select the Custom add-on, you get a programmer at your call to customize your application and create custom exports whenever you request. All you need to do is submit the request and we’ll make it for you.

Want a totally custom module added to the system? No problem. Tell us what you need and if we can build it, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration That You Own & Control

poliSCHOOL works exclusively with the LearnDash LMS that piggybacks on WordPress. This gives you – and us – the most possible control over how poliSCHOOL integrates because we can create our own plugins to push and pull exactly what we need. Plus, you have total control and ownership of your own content: no sharing fees, or your course content being “held hostage”. You can manage the entire enrollment and online course access processes from inside poliSCHOOL, including a totally hands-off enrollment process for short courses: people can register, pay, and take the course without your staff needing to lift a finger.

poliSCHOOL automatically credits lesson time from LearnDash into poliSCHOOL attendance, or you can manually enter attendance based on their online learning activity list, which is also inside poliSCHOOL so there’s no need for your administrative staff to ever log into LearnDash. LearnDash quiz results and cumulative point percentages also appear inside poliSCHOOL so you can easily copy whichever counts toward their GPA with a simple click of a button.

poliARC can even help you convert lecture materials to online e-learning content using Adobe Captivate. If you want to offer online courses, poliSCHOOL + LearnDash is a great way to get it done – you get an enrollment CRM, Student Information System, and Learning Management System all for a bundled, flat rate price.


No Pricing Surprises

Most SIS companies lure new clients with use-based pricing: charge by user or student record – usually with minimums – as well as pricing piecemeal for each function. This makes them look inexpensive at first, but as soon as you add staff, enroll students, or want to add even the smallest function… the price goes up significantly. The concept of customizing for a client isn’t even an option for the others because they all run on the same files and same giant database. poliSCHOOL doesn’t disguise its true cost, nor does its business model rely on volume: it relies on loyalty and good service. For a low, flat rate, pS clients get every function, every feature, free updates, and personalized service.

The only potential variable cost is one that you control – activating SMS messaging: $0.0075 (3/4 of a penny) per text message that gets billed directly to your own Twilio account.

Encourages Best Practices

poliSCHOOL is flexible and can be customized, but it’s also designed to “force” staff and instructors to maintain best practices for vocational schools. poliARC will gladly add functions and make new modules so long as they always help school meet regulatory compliance requirements. The step-by-step approach that poliSCHOOL requires when enrolling and training students facilitates just that. The more the entire staff at a school uses the system, the more your daily and weekly activities will reflect how successful schools are expected to operate.

poliSCHOOL also gives your staff “focus support” in the places that really matter. Beyond the task manager, automated flags appear throughout the system that notify staff and students when something requires attention: academic standing, attendance percentage, consecutive absences, overdue invoices, and more.


  • Customized online application with ability for applicants to upload requirement documentation.
  • Supports lockstep programs, open enrollment programs, and avocational short courses.
  • LearnDash LMS integration.
  • Customized enrollment and graduation requirements for every program that create flags for admissions staff during the enrollment process.
  • Bulk HTML email with click tracking.
  • Bulk and individual SMS test messaging with conversation tracking. SMS messages are sent and received just like email and are automatically added to the person’s contact history.
  • Integrated IMAP email: check your own email account while logged into the system. Anything you send from your own email to a person who has a record in the system is also automatically added to their contact history.
  • Comprehensive notes and contact history, all of which can be individually made private with restricted access based on the user level of staff users (e.g. restricting access to view notes or conversations related to academics vs. financial aid vs. recruiting).
  • Online e-doc storage is included: Enrollment Records, Graduate Records, and Employment Records that can also be restricted based on staff user level.
  • Unlimited document templates that create HTML emails, PDFs, and MS Word documents. All templates use dynamic content fields that include everything from auto-filling name and contact information of the lead, to account balance, grades and attendance percentages for students.
  • Staff scheduling and task manager with email reminders and notices.
  • Automated task creation for leads, applicants, and students to keep admissions staff on track.
  • Alert tasks for students with email and SMS message reminders.
  • Marketing and key metrics reports with real-time conversion rates, including graduation and placement.
  • Embed inquiry forms on your website so new leads go directly into the Admissions List.
  • Unlimited custom export documents for federal and state reporting, course lists, sign-in sheets – whatever you might want.
  • Intuitive, collapsable Admissions and Students lists that give all the key information in the overview that you need.
  • Restricted access to modules based on staff user levels.
  • Online multiple choice tests.
  • Online skills tests.
  • Online surveys so you can complete orientation surveys, mid-point and pre-job placement surveys, exit interviews, evaluations, and job placement surveys. All are automatically entered into the students’ records.
  • Restrict access based on IP address of the staff and/or student users (so students or teachers can only access if physically at the school)
  • Classroom and lab attendance with automated warnings and attendance reports.
  • Grades with percentage, pass/fail, and credited entry options.
  • Customized transcripts.
  • Customized certificates with the Certificate Designer, and certificate issuing with unique ID numbers.
  • Tuition invoicing and payments section with comprehensive reporting, alerts, reminders, and ledger exports.
  • Accept credit card and ACH tuition payments using a Stripe merchant account. All student accounts updated in real time.
  • Automated credit card and ACH payments.
  • New features are constantly being added to poliSCHOOL. If a you want something new, all you have to do is ask.

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